Pico-chan Doll


Japanese Exclusive Pico-chan doll by Takara, with blonde straight hair and blue eyes. Pico-chan is dressed in her original maxi dress, featuring a flocked yellow bodice, with navy and white floral crepe skirt. Doll has a Twist waist, head and one arm move when she's in motion. She is slightly larger than Deluxe Topper's Dawn doll.  









Height,  6.5" (16.7cm)



Good-Excellent, there is a faint mark on her forhead (we haven't tried to clean or treat). One leg no longer holds a pose, there is a chip at the base of her neck knob (see photos). Dress bodice is a little dirty (we have not tried to clean).


*We will be listing more vintage Japanese Exclusive dolls and fashions*


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